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Stop Tesco superstore in Manningtree or Tesco will stop Manningtree!

Manningtree and Lawford cannot cope with a substantial increase in traffic flow


Station Road: exit from Manningtree.

Tesco plans for 314 parking spaces compared with 143 places in the current Coop car park. This implies three times as much traffic as at present, quite apart from extra delivery vehicles. Tesco estimates that peak traffic flow will be 766 cars per hour (12.8 cars per minute).

All roads into Manningtree have severe bottlenecks:

  • A priority system In the High Street,
  • The railway bridge on Station Road. High vehicles must use the middles of the road
  • Colchester Road passing the school with parked cars
  • The roundabout and level crossing on the A137.

In these areas traffic must stop and wait for on-coming vehicles. Some pictures of these bottlenecks are given below.


Wherry corner

Wherry Corner blind bend

High Street looking West

High Street looking West

High Street looking East

Station Road looking West

Station Road looking West

Level crossing and one-way bridge, A137

The A137 looking South. Bridge works

Station Road looking East towards Manningtree

Congention on Cox's Hill, May 2009

Cox's Hill May 2009


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