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25th. June 2011
Dear SCF Supporters

Many of you may have seen in the local press that the Tesco application is to be presented to Tendring District Council's Planning Committee on Tuesday 26th July. Whilst this date is still a possibility, we understand that the Council still needs to do a considerable amount of work so it is unlikely to be considered on that date. We will obviously let you know as soon as we know for definite but please keep in mind that it could still be on 26th July. If it is not, then the next possible date would be Tuesday 23rd August. Either way, the meeting is expected to be in Clacton, at the PrincesTheatre (this is because it is easier to accommodate more members of the public there).

So what has the District Council been doing since the application was deferred back in March? We understand that the traffic assessment that was required has now been carried out, but an impact assessment of that is still awaited (which is the cause of the possibly delay). As agreed at the last Planning Committee meeting, this will shortly be available on the Tendring DC website, along with the Tesco application. We will let you know as soon as it has been published. This is a public document, and a key element in the application, so it is important that you all read this and feed back any concerns to us about it.  These can then be included in our response. Alternatively of course, concerns can be made individually to your local councillors.

The Planning Committee wanted this report to reflect the 'local reality' of traffic on our roads, so it should not be an overly technical document and therefore something that everyone can comment on.

As soon as the time, date and place are finalised, we will circulate details to all our members. But in the meantime, do please try and keep 26th July free, just in case. Whenever the date, please come and support us again - we do appreciate it, and it is vital to make our feelings and opposition to the proposals clearly known and heard.

One other point is that many of you (if you have a dividend card) will have received comment cards through the post from Co-op. Please fill these in and send them to your local councillor and to Co-op. If we don't fill these in, then no one will know how we feel. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes

Stour Community First






Latest up-date, Feb. 8th 2011


7th. October 2010
Tesco application back again

12th May 1020 Tesco application resoundingly rejected by Tendring District Councillors. For details Letter from SCF Chairman, Michael Coultharde-Steer.


5th. May 2010. Letter from Michael Coulthard-Steer, Chairman of Stour Community First

20th. Aug. 2009 Encouraging letter from George Monbiot: We can win

21st. July 2009 “The daisy chain one year on”

14th. June 2009 Tesco at it again, this time in Halesworth.

17th. Feb. 2009. Protest at Council offices. See comments and a few pictures

15th. Jan 2009. Traders have had their business rates slashed after complaining their profits were being hit by derelict land blighting their neighbourhood.

6th. January 2009. Tesco in probe over “cut-price drink offer”

12th. Dec. 2008. Frinton Tesco application rejected.

15th. November 2008. Tesco’s application for the Mill Road site in Cambridge was turned down.

04th. Sept. 2008. From: [] Sent: 04 September 2008 22:16

11th. August 2008 SCF chairman Michael Coultharde-Steer thanks all who attended the daisy chain event.

9th. August 2008. More than 200 protesters form daisy chain around proposed Tesco site. (for pictures see Daisy pics, on left)

1st. August 2008. £1.3 million refurbishment for Manningtree Co-op Supermarket

27th. July 2008. Manningtree council opposes planned Tesco superstore

9th. August (Saturday). Join human daisy chain, from 11 am.

20th. July. 2008. Tesco trucks caused protests in Manningtree back in 2005

17th. July 2008. Support from local MP. Mr. Tim Yeo.

16th. July 2008. Are we just a bunch of Commies?

11th July 2008. “Squeezed out by the big boys”.

9th. July 2008. Tesco loses the Manningtree Society debate

6 July 2008 “Tesco rise is shelved” EXCLUSIVE By Nigel Nelson

2nd. July 2008. “Group to fight Tesco 'with guns blazing”

2nd. July 2008 Tesco passes on costs



Dear SCF member,

We had a very successful fund raising evening at Lucca on Monday 7th February. We raised over £200 which is much needed funding to continue the fight against the proposed Tesco supermarket in Manningtree. This money will be used to pay for:

  • copying of information that we will send to councillors on the Planning Committee
  • more SCF tee-shirts to help people show their support when the Committee meets to consider the application
  • community activities we will be undertaking in the Spring, including bulb planting around the town. 

Many thanks to everyone who participated and who helped to make the evening a success - it is appreciated! What we also appreciate is your continued support. Many of you will have already sent letters of objection to Tendring District Council or posted your objection on their website. But we need more of you to do this. If there is more than one person in a household, then you can all write individually.

Also, we wish to set you all a challenge. We want every member of SCF to find two other people and get them to write an objection. Family, friends, neighbours, the postman - you can send them the details on the website or even print off the letter you submitted and get them to sign their own version. It doesn't matter, as long as they post an objection.

The petition continues to be available for all to sign (even if you have sent your own letter), so sign up on the High Street on a Saturday morning or at any time in the Wholefood Shop. At the moment we have over 300 signatures so it would be great to hit 500.

The latest we have on the timescale for the application is that it will not be going to the Planning Committee until March, so there is still plenty of time to send yet more letters. These really help reflect local views and opinions which are vitally important. You can also write letters to your local MP, Bernard Jenkin, which will help swell the chorus of disapproval. Details of where to write to can be found on our website (

We will be in touch again as soon as we have information on the Committee date and any other meetings. We would expect to be given no more than two weeks notice of the Committee date, so look out for our alerts. Not every member is on our email list so spread the word to others.

Lastly, if you have any questions or if you wish to air your views to us on the SCF Core Group, our next meeting will be an open forum for all members to attend. This will be on Wednesday 16th February, 8pm upstairs in the Red Lion pub in Manningtree. We look forward to seeing you there.












I am writing to let you know about what's happening with Tesco's
application to build a superstore on the old Railex site in Station
Road, Manningtree.
You may have heard in the local press that Tesco are planning to submit
a new application to Tendring District Council by Christmas. In support
of this, they are holding a series of public exhibitions next week,
where the plans can be viewed, and comments made.
I would like to stress how important it is for as many of us as possible
to go along to these, and register our opposition to the scheme. It is
only by doing this that we can make our voices heard.
If you haven't yet had a flyer through your door telling you about this,
the exhibitions will be staged as follows:
* At the Venture Centre on Wednesday 20th between 2pm and 6pm, and on
Thursday 21st, from 1pm to 6pm

* At the Crown Hotel on Friday 22nd, 1pm to 6pm, and on Saturday 23rd
from 10am to 4pm

* At the Church Hall in New Road, Mistley on Monday 25th between 12pm
and 6pm.

Please do try to go along and make your feelings known, and if you can,
take friends and family with you. It will also be useful if you could
let us know how many of you attended (just so we can check the figures!).

Many thanks again for your support

Michael Coultharde-Steer
Stour Community First






12th. May 2010

Good Morning

I'm writing to you with news of last night's meeting of Tendring District Council's Development Control Committee, regarding the Tesco planning application.

The council's planning officer gave a summary of his report, which, as you know, recommended the application be approved. There were seven public speakers, including myself, Lee Lay-Flurrie and Councillor Michael Dew opposing the application. Councillor Brian Rolfe, Councillors Valerie and Carlo Guglielmi, and Mark Morsley spoke in support.

A lengthy debate among the District councillors ensued and it started to look as if they would defer making a decision, but I'm pleased to say it did go to the vote, with eleven councillors voting to reject the application, six abstentions, and none voting in favour of it. The application was, therefore, rejected.

I'd like to thank all of you who turned out to express your views and listen to the debate last night, and all of you who were unable to attend, but who have supported us over the past two years.

However, knowing Tesco, I'm sure this is only the first step in what could be a lengthy process. If they do appeal against the decision, we will need to fight harder than ever, and we are drawing up our plans already.

Let's not forget, also, what we have been fighting for. It's more important than ever, now, to support our town's businesses. There are some great shops here - in fact almost everything you could need, despite what some of Tesco's supporters would have us believe - so please carry on shopping locally.

Thank you again for all your support


Michael Coultharde-Steer
Stour Community First






Letter from Stour Community First, 5th. April 2010

Well, it's official - the Tesco planning application is going before Tendring District Council's Development Control Committee (DCC) next Tuesday, the 11th of May. I'm writing to you now to let you know what happens next, what we plan to do about it, and how you can get involved.

TDC's planning officer has submitted his report, and I'm afraid he is recommending the application for approval. However, that is not a foregone conclusion. The councillors who sit on the DCC will have to consider all the points raised in the report before coming to a decision, and there are a number of points in it with which we intend to take issue.

TDC operates a public speaking policy for meetings of the DCC, which means that up to four people can speak for up to three minutes each. These include one person supporting the application, one opposing, a parish or town councillor from the affected area, and a district councillor for the affected ward.

I have already booked a slot to speak opposing the application on behalf of Stour Community First, and I know Councillor Michael Dew has booked his slot as district councillor. I believe also, that a representative of Manningtree Town Council intends to speak.

The meeting takes place at 7.00 p.m. in the Council Chamber, at the Council Offices, Thorpe Road, Weeley. It is a public meeting, so if you wish you may attend the meeting itself, space permitting.

Whether or not you wish to come into the meeting itself, we would like to urge you to come along beforehand, at around 6.30pm, and make your wishes known to the councillors. Any banners, placards or other peaceful means you have of getting your message across can only help and we will also supply you with a campaign T-shirt to wear. At this stage, the only opinions that matter are those of the members of the DCC who will be making the actual decision, and it is crucial that we leave them in absolutely no doubt about the strength of feeling over this matter, so bring a friend - bring two!

If you are interested in looking at the Planning Officer's report, you can find it here:

Once you are on this page, double-click on the agenda for the 11th May meeting, and you will find the report from page 8 onwards.

Hope to see you on the 11th, it would be helpful if you could drop us an
email to let us know you plan to come.


Michael Coultharde-Steer
Stour Community First












Phone: 0844 585 2049





20th. Aug. 2009 Encouraging letter from George Monbiot: We can win

I hope that the people of Manningtree keep fighting against Tesco's proposal  
to blight your community with a superstore. Since my article was published  
in the Guardian I have been inundated with letters about cases in which  
communities have taken on Tesco and won. It can be done, and the fight is  
certainly worthwhile. The only places worth living in are those which have 
been fought for. Good luck and don't give up!

George Monbiot


Dear Members,

The Daisy Chain one year on. Money remains in our community
We are expecting the Council Planning Committee date, for the decision on the proposed Tesco store, to be set soon. Before then, however, we thought it would be nice to share some great "What if" information with you as it's almost a year since we all joined hands in the "Daisy-Chain" around the site, showing it's enormous size in this small town.

If Tesco had been open on the day we did the "Daisy-Chain", we estimate that this month would have marked the time when the store would have taken £100,000* out of the hands of our local independent shops. Congratulations to you all for supporting the local shops and helping to fight the proposed store. As soon as we know the committee date we'll be in touch but until then feel free to start painting up your placards and signs as it shouldn't be long now!.
Stour Community First

* Figure calculated using Tesco's own retail impact study in their planning application. This figure is based on 2006 prices and relates to the 8% of trade they plan to take from the High Street shops and does not include the 32% they plan to take from the Co-Op should they come.


14th. June. Letter from Lady Cranbrook

Halesworth Tesco Planning Application

As some of you may know, Tesco has applied for planning permission for a superstore in Halesworth, opposite the Co-op (Rainbow, which has recently spent £1m upgrading and wishes to enlarge its premises). Halesworth is a small market town, very much at ease with itself, and well-supplied with a variety of independent shops - two bakers, two butchers, two greengrocers, a deli, an organic shop, a wine merchant, fish shop, famous toy shop, excellent shoe shop, clothes shop, several stationers and booksellers, a small Spar, etc. In the surrounding area there are villages which still have one or more shops (eg Yoxford, Peasenhall, Stradbroke, Laxfield).

The area is known for the abundance, variety and quality of its independent food producers. These have developed and expanded because there are plenty of independent shops. It is these shops which are the seedbed and nursery for new and existing food producers. The effect of a superstore, such as the one proposed by Tesco, will be to drive these independent shops out of business. On the whole they are doing well, despite the economic downturn, but they operate on small margins and a Tesco superstore will have a devastating effect on them.

The local meat wholesaler, Bramfield Meats, supplies virtually all the local butchers, farm shops and farmers markets with meat (either indirectly by preparing local independent livestock farmers' meat for sale or directly by buying in local meat from the local abattoir). Bramfield Meats is very concerned about the effect Tesco will have on the butchers and farm shops and fears it will undermine their business. If this were to happen and Bramfield Meats were to close, it would be catastrophic for local livestock producers - and for the landscape which is grazed by sheep and cattle. 

The Tesco proposal is for a superstore. It is far too large (22,500 sq ft). This is about a third bigger than the Somerfields/Waitrose supermarket in Saxmundham and in the wrong place. the population of Halesworth is ca. 5-6,000 (including children). Tesco is anticipating a throughput of about 7,000 shopping visits a week, so they anticipate attracting shoppers from the villages and market towns in the area. We know that the new Saxmundham Waitrose (on an existing site) has affected food shops in Aldeburgh, nearby farm shops and also the food shops in Saxmundham high street. In Beccles, where a large superstore opened a few years ago, shops next to Tesco are alright but those in the middle of the town are suffering. It is also in the wrong place and will bring traffic to a standstill on Halesworth 'ring road'.

If any of you have the time and value our unique local food economy, I urge you to write (NO EMAILS ALLOWED) to Waveney District Council with a letter of objection.

Letters must arrive at Waveney District Council by 18 June, should contain the Proposal Number DC/09/0455/FUL and should be addressed to

Planning Office
Waveney District Council
Town Hall, High Street
Lowestoft NR32 1HS.

We are told that letters really do count!

Caroline Cranbrook


17th. Feb. 2009. Protest at Council offices
About 45 people turned up with banners and placards on a cold winter’s evening to show our strength of feeling about the proposed Tesco Superstore, which will ruin our town if it is ever built. Here are a few pictures.

While some of the Councilors stopped and talked to us, others appear to have found us somewhat intimidating, although that was not our intention. We hope that those councilors who favor the store will eventually come to realise the devarstating consequences should it ever be built.

Click on pictures to see them enlarged.

Weeley Demo 008

Weeley Demo 011

Weeley Demo 017

Weeley Demo 018

Weeley Demo 019






Traders have had their business rates slashed after complaining their profits were being hit by derelict land blighting their neighbourhood.
In Hanley, Staffordshire,  traders successfully campaigned to have their business rates slashed by 25 % after complaining their profits were being hit by derelict land cleared for a new Tesco store and the link road was blighting their neighbourhood. Click for more details

Campaigners in Holmbush, Sussex also achieved a 20% rate reduction after carrying out a trade impact survey and generating 100 rateable value appeals from local businesses. For more information please click



Tesco in probe over “cut price” drink offer
Britain’s biggest supermarket, Tesco, is facing two official investigations over claims that it deliberately advertised cut-price alcohol as “bait” to lure bargain hunters. Trading standards officers have launched an investigation into whether Tesco broke new laws by running special offers while failing to ensure that it had enough stocks to meet demand.

In a separate move, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is looking into whether Tesco broke advertising rules in the way that it promoted the offers and refused to remove banners at front of stores despite not having stock to meet demand.

The Independent, 6th. Jan. 2009



Frinton Tesco decision – The planning application was unanimously refused. Approximately 50 people attended with 3 speakers – these were a member of the chamber of commerce, a councillor and the developer for the site. No further details available at present.



The Tesco appeal and public inquiry for the plans in Mill Road, Cambridge have been dismissed by the Government Inspector. More details are below but yet again proof that when Tesco arrive it isn't a done deal. A communication from the No Mill Road Tesco campaign committee reads as follows:

Dear supporters,

Some of you will know that the result of the recent public inquiry was released today. The full text can be found on our website:
but the headline news is that the appeal was dismissed! The inspector concluded that there was no safe way of delivering to the site and so refused permission for the extension and plant.

It remains to be seen if Tesco will pursue their second appeal (for an application to instal plant with no extension).

For now, though, we would like to thank everyone who has made this possible. Thank you if you came on the march, wrote letters of objection, emailed your councillors, formed part of our human lorry, trudged around delivering leaflets and posters or just spoke to people about Tesco's plans. This campaign has been a huge community effort and everyone's contribution has been vital.

Have a look at the counter on the website to see how many days we as a community have so far managed to keep Tesco off Mill Road. Long may it continue....

Kind regards,

The No Mill Road Tesco campaign committee





From: []
Sent: 04 September 2008 22:16
Subject: Tesco will help keep people in our Town.

Dear Sir;

I feel that I must point out to Mrs. Clare Spindler (edp wednesday September 3rd) the error of her perceptions regarding the effect that the development of a Tesco store has on a market town and small businesses in such a town.

I am a small independent businessman running stores in Stalham (North Norfolk) and West Earlham (Norwich).

It is my direct experience that the building of a Tesco store reduces rather than increases the footfall of customers in the area surrounding such a development and thus has a disastrously detrimental effect on businesses of all types in its hinterland.

I am sorry Mrs. Spindler; but your letter almost sounds as though it could have been written by Tesco on your behalf; you simply cannot have the knowledge that those of us in this business do, nor can you have taken into account in your statements the simple fact that hundreds and thousands of independent retail businesses of all sorts have been forced to close because of the tactics of Tesco and their ilk over past years.

Your 'pretty little market town' cannot survive on your sentiment alone, it will become a desert of fast food outlets and charity shops; with no money going into the local economy; should you carry on supporting Tesco's plans.

I urge you to read my submission to the recent Competition Commission investigation into the Supermarkets at

This proves quite conclusively: firstly the damage that a Tesco development has on a delicate local economy and secondly that Tesco refuses to acknowledge that fact, simply because as an organisation it is more interested in profit than either communities or consumers.

If you value your town Mrs. Spindler, you should be vociferously opposing Tesco's application!

Your Faithfully;

Nigel Dowdney.





11th. August 2008 SCF chairman Michael Coultharde-Steer thanks all who attended the daisy chain event.

Hello all

I'd like to say a big 'thank you and well-done' to everyone who came and made the Daisy Chain such a great success. And thanks, also, to all those of you who couldn't make it, but sent messages of support.

In case you hadn't heard, we counted around 250 people there (the press say 350, and who am I to argue?), and generated an enormous amount of media coverage, on various local radio stations, in the press and on BBC Look East. This, coupled with Bernard Jenkins' very timely press statement calling for a public enquiry, has really given our campaign a boost and made a tremendous impact.

Now we need to drive the point home by making sure your local Councillors (all of whom were invited) are aware of the strength of feeling we demonstrated on Saturday. We have heard that several Councillors are in favour of the plans, so we have got to let them know how many of their own constituents oppose this disastrous scheme. I'm quite sure our letters to our MP have influenced his opinion, and we must now do the same with our local representatives.

So please, e-mail your Councillor and let them know why you don't want Tesco here.
Depending on which area you live in, the e-mail addresses are below:


Manningtree, Mistley, Little Bentley and Tendring

Bradfield, Wrabness and Wix

Ardleigh & Little Bromley



Keep the pressure up!

Michael Coultharde-Steer
Chairman, SCF

PS It's still not too late to register your objection with the planning officer if you haven't already done so. For an example objection letter simply follow this link:



9th. August 2008. More than 200 protesters form daisy chain around proposed Tesco site. Pictures.
Protesters formed a daisy chain around the proposed site of the Tesco  Superstore in Manningtee this morning. The aim was to show the sheer size of the site, which is completely out of keeping with this small town.





1st. August 2008. £1.3 million refurbishment for Manningtree  Co-op Supermarket

Work on the improvements to the store will commence in a few weeks’ time and will be carried out on a phased basis to ensure the store can remain open, and a service is maintained to customers. Completion is expected before Christmas.
“Our commitment to refurbishing our supermarket in Manningtree is the latest stage in our multi-million pound, self-funded development programme right across East Anglia.   Although we are still awaiting planning permission for our proposed store extension we are determined to provide a modern, state of the art supermarket for the people of Manningtree and so we will now begin a major refurbishment of the store which will be completed this year.” 
Click arrow for full press release.


27th. July 2008. Manningtree council opposes planned Tesco superstore in manningtee

Members of Manningtree Town Council have now publicly opposed plans to build a 30,000 sq ft superstore in Station Road, Manningtree, in an 11 page submission. See more details



9th. August (Saturday). Human daisy chain, from 11 am.

We are planning to form a human daisy chain around the proposed Tesco site on Saturday 9th August from 11 am. The idea is to raise awareness of how big the site is, publicise our campaign and hopefully inspire more people to join us.

The site is very large so we need as many bodies as possible so please do come along! If possible please  let us know if you are planning to come and how many people you will be bringing along. We will send you further information nearer the time. But come anyway.



20th. Tesco trucks caused protests in Manningtree in 2005
This is just a reminder that Tesco has caused problems in Manningtree in the past with excessively large delivery trucks. According to ThisisMoney

 “As protests go, it was simple but extremely effective. When John Caldow decided to take on the mighty Tesco, he did it armed with nothing more than a chair, a cup of tea and a newspaper.”



17th. July 2008. Support from local MP. Mr. Tim Yeo writes:
   “Many thanks for dropping the leaflet advertising the public meeting about the Tesco application in Manningtree into my cottage recently.
   I am aware of the controversy which this has generated and have added my voice to those of the objectors.”



16th. July 2008. Are we a bunch of Commies?
There is a story going around:- an anti-Tescoer (not sure who) was at a dinner party in Dedham the other day. The host (an ex senior employee of a National newspaper and someone who you'd expect to be generally informed) asserted that all the anti-Tesco campaigners (us) must be 'communists' (!); our comrade responded by throwing her glass of red wine (no doubt Tesco Finest) over him and left!


11th July 2008. “Squeezed out by the big boys”..
“Since it first opened its doors in 1946, residents of Withernsea, in East Riding of Yorkshire, bought most of their groceries from Proudfoot, the family-owned supermarket in the centre of town. As the “big four” supermarkets expanded  their grip upon Britain’s towns more and more independent shops went under but trade at Proudfoot remained brisk. Then in 2004 Tesco came to Withernsea. Its first move was to send more than 6,000 residents vouchers offering an £8 discount for every £20 spent in the local Tesco store......Sales at Proudfoot in the year following Testco’s arrival in town fell by 35 per cent.... The store struggled on for another two years before finally folding when Aldi offered to buy them out. Mark Proudfoot thought it best to concentrate on the four other Proudfoot stores they still owned across their region. Since April, their stores have been reduced to three after Tesco took over the store in Barton-Upon-Humber.” The Independent, p4


9th. July 2008. Tesco loses the Manningtree Society debate
On the 11th, July The Manningtree Society called an EGM to debate the motion “
We believe that the community would benefit from the arrival of a new supermarket” The motion was proposed by  Martin Robeson on behalf of Tesco and seconded by Anne Patterson. It was opposed by Michael Festing seconded by Robin Finch (in private capacities, not as representatives of SCF). Many members of the Manningtree Society remember the town as a more active community with thriving high street shops, and think that a new supermarket would draw people to the town and re-vitalise the high street. Sadly, as Festing pointed, out the evidence does not support this view. Supermarkets are part of the problem, not of the solution. “There is only one reason why Tesco wants to come to Manningtree, and that is to screw as much money out of its inhabitants as possible”. After a vigorous debate the motion was defeated 19 votes to 18.


6 July 2008 Tesco rise is shelved EXCLUSIVE By Nigel Nelson

New powers to stop the supermarket giants building "Tesco towns" are being introduced.Small shops will be favoured over large stores such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons when local authorities consider planning applications.

Communities Secretary Hazel Blears believes the supermarkets are killing off family-owned high street stores with their out-of-town complexes.

 "Popping down to the local grocer's or baker's is more than just shopping. It is where people meet and identify with their community. That's why I am strengthening planning rules to better protect them."

In future, councils will have more power to block supermarket developments that threaten local traders.The move comes as small shopkeepers are at even great risk of going bust because of the credit crunch. Supermarket king Tesco takes a pound in every eight spent by UK consumers.

Group to fight Tesco 'with guns blazing'

02 July 2008 | 06:46


CAMPAIGNERS opposed to a supermarket in Britain's smallest town have vowed to fight “with all guns blazing” as they hold their first meeting to discuss officially objecting about the plans.

Stour Community First was formed by a group of residents angry at plans by Tesco to open a store in Station Road, Manningtree.

Now it is to hold its first meeting where it can advise protestors on how to officially oppose the planning application which has recently been submitted in full by the supermarket giant.

Stour Community First chairman David Eisenhart-Rothe said the meeting on July 15 would be an opportunity to explain to people the different ways in which they could object to Tendring District Council.

“We would like to see as many people there as possible,” he said.

Committee member Mike Coultharde-Steer said the group was going to oppose the plans “with all guns blazing”.

He said: “We have been putting together letters for (MP) Bernard Jenkin and also the different sorts of things people might want to write to the council's planning office as well.

“We need to make sure people keep their objections to factual planning issues rather than anything else.

“We are hoping lots of people will come along.

“Tesco has been very, very good at the PR side of things and have some slick presentations based on supporting their application so it is up to us to look at it in detail and argue about what is best for Manningtree.”

Mr Coultharde-Steer said one of the main objections of Stour Community First remained the potential traffic problems the new store could cause.

Michael Kissman, spokesman for Tesco, said yesterday: “We ran a public consultation on the plans before they were submitted to the planning authority and spoke to hundreds of local people.

“Where people did have concerns we have been keen to address those - we have been asked if it will have a pharmacy and if it will be 24 hours and the answer is no, it won't.

“This is an exciting scheme which will create many new jobs for the town.”

Stour Community First's meeting will be held on July 15 at 7.30pm at the Lawford Venture Centre in Wignall Street.


Tesco passes on costs as it hikes the price of biggest selling product (Independent, 2nd. July 2008)

Tesco has taken the unprecedented step of raising the price of bananas significantly above its big three rivals during a price war” according to the Independent Newspaper. “The move by Tesco is thought to be the first time in a decade that one of the big four has broken ranks and raised prices.




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