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       Stour Community First


   Fighting to preserve our community

We are not alone. There are many other groups wanting to preserve our local communities Here are some links to web sites, articles and other protest groups.

A very obtrusive fence has been erected on Mistley quay. For details see their web site:

Useful tips on campaigning strategy are given on this web site

Tesco stores have a  devastating effect on the local economy. See this report on the Competition Commission web site relating to Stalham, North Norfolk. lka_ltd.pdf


“Manningtree to fight Tesco superstore plan” Daily Telegraph article on our fight against Tesco

Why we must stop shopping in Tesco”, by Simon Hoggart, The Guardian, Feb. 2006. Many of his objections will be ours if Tesco builds in Manningtree..

“Stop Tesco owning Partick” is a group of concerned local residents, and is independent of any political party or other organisation.

Google search on Tesco

St. Albans Stop Tesco Group. More than 1000 letters of objection

The No Millroad Tesco Campaign “Working to keep Tesco away from the creative and cultural heart of Cambridge.”

Tesco forced to withdraw application for Tolworth site after massive local objection! A decision was expected by the Council in March or April, but Tesco announced on 20th February 2007 that it was withdrawing its plans for Tolworth.  However, campaigners expect Tesco to submit a revised application in early 2008

“Tesco Blight Threat Battle Begins”  News item about Sheringham from the Council for the Preservation of Rural England

Tescopoly home page.

This website puts some perspective on Tesco’s the 'low-price' claims

Friends of the Earth briefing 2005

Is Tesco taking over? BBC News Channel 2005


Useful books:

Tescopoly, by Andrew Simms (2007), Constable. £7.99, but cheaper on the Web.”An eloquent and persuasive account of modern corporate greed”

Spotted Pigs & Green Tomatoes, by Rosie Boycott (2008). Bloomsbury. £7.99.
Lots to learn from her experience with a Tesco Superstore in Illminster. And a good read.


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