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Food for thought

Tesco is not always the cheapest. Here are some price comparisons

  • Tesco is the UKs largest retailer, and controls -about one third of the UK grocery market
  • After large superstores are built on the edge-of-towns local speciality shops and convenience stores lose somewhere  between 20% and 75% of their market. As a result, staff get laid off or businesses close entirely.
    (source: Barton, Grant & Guise (2002) ‘Shaping Nelghbourhoods: ‘A Guide for Health, Sustainability and vitality)
  • Using a system known as “Last Minute Logistics” lorries travel considerable distances to top up Tesco stores on a daily basis as stores carry very little stock
  • “Our market share of UK retailing is 12.5%- that leaves 87.5% to go after”
    (Sir Tom Leahy, Chief Executive, Tesco. Interviewed in “Management Today”.
  • At the current rate of growth Tesco could control 40-50% of the grocery market in 5 to 10 years
  • In 2000, small shops in rural areas were closing at the rate of 300 a year.
    (The Grocer, 31 March 2001).
  • Small stores and Farm Gate sales in the Manningtree area will be at risk.
  • On average, for every £1.00 spent in a supermarket, 90 pence leaves the area. (source: The money tril: Measuring Your Impact on the Local Market using LM3 (2002). New Economics Foundation and the Countryside Agency)
  • In 2006 there were 175 local campaigns against supermarket proposals. 138 of these were against Tesco.
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